I began taking pictures in the 1980's, using a Ricoh KR10 Super. It was a great camera, but the delay from taking the pictures, to getting the images developed, was frustrating. I was an early adopter of the digital age at the turn of the millennium when digital cameras became affordable. There was no more waiting around to get films developed, it was now all in my own hands. As soon as the photo was taken you could check the image knowing the picture was "in the can", well on the card. The next major step change was the release of affordable digital SLRs, with the advent of the Canon 300D, I had now gone full circle back to a SLR after a brief foray away. But now with a digital SLR, the possibilities were endless.
I have used a variety of software, initially I used adobe elements before transitioning to raw shooter, which was ultimately bought out by adobe and finally the technology was morphed into Adobe lightroom. Lightroom now encompases the whole workflow, from importing the images onto the computer, cataloguing them, developing and finally the ability to output the images to a variety of media. The output can either be a website, photo book, slide show or believe it or not a print.
Photography is my hobby and passion; I get to take pictures when I want which expresses my creativity. I have a full-time job and therefore I don’t have to rely on photography to pay the bills. As such I have mainly been self taught, through my own study, observation and critique. I am always looking at techniques which allow me to refine and improve the way I see and capture images. Recently I decided to try my hand at portrait work, this time I decided to go on a course. So now Instead of trying to capture the light I now had the ability to control it in a confined area.
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